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Nationwide Children’s:
Because everything matters.

Three campaigns. All carefully connected and incredibly effective. The multi-year effort began with a Capital Campaign that surpassed its $250 million goal by raising more than $300 million in gifts. That money supported the construction of a new main hospital – the largest pediatric hospital expansion ever.

The next phase was an effort so comprehensive that it took 18 months of careful planning and implementation to make it a success. It began with the total re-branding of this iconic Columbus institution. But how could we tell their story in a way that captures what a special place this is? It’s a place where “everything matters.” Where every detail of the new 12-story main hospital was considered. Where families were consultants and nurses were designers. So, that’s the message we delivered.

It was a grand opening campaign that touched many audiences. And the brand informed every element we produced across all channels. Print. Outdoor. Broadcast. Web. Employee communications. Direct mail. Collateral. The new brand and the resulting campaign effectively engaged the community by visually connecting the audience to the environment they would experience when visiting the hospital.

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