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Creative Living:
Change = Difference.

There are people you meet in life that stop you in your tracks. Inspirational people who cause you to reflect, count your blessings, and wonder if you’d possess the same strength and determination they do if faced with similar challenges. Those are the people we’ve gotten to know – and care about deeply – at Creative Living.

Creative Living provides housing and support to physically disabled individuals at two apartment complexes that are monitored 24/7 by a Resident Assistant whose primary purpose is to respond to resident needs. Their annual fundraising campaign supports this crucial Resident Assistance Program. Using the headline, “What’s it worth to you?” we asked our audience to put themselves in the shoes of the Creative Living resident: Every time you pick up something you dropped or tie your own shoe, place money in a jar. Then think about the residents at Creative Living who rely on a Resident Assistant to do those everyday tasks. And then, most important, donate the money you’ve collected.

Working with Creative Living has given us a chance to give back to an organization that changes lives for the better every day.

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